Career Development & Licensing Information

The OSS is committed to sponsoring activities that help to prepare students for the job market, as well as life long career development. 

The OSS works in collaboration with Alumni services and the office of continuing professional education (CPE) to provide various career focused enrichment opportunities for current students.

Career Related Events at SSW

Registration links will be posted once they are live

  • Board of Social Work Examiners from MD and DC: TENTATIVELY November 18th 2019 12:15-1:45pm (SSW Auditorium, registration required)
  • USG: Licensing logistics December 6th 12-1pm
  • Licensing Logistics: January 27th 2020 (two sessions of the same information, come to either session) 12:15 and 1pm (room 3E04)
  • Career Workshops: February 2020 (registration required, all in SSW Auditorium)
    • Tips for taking the LMSW Exam: February 3rd and 10th (sessions are different, register for both)
    • Navigating the Job Market: February 17th
  • Alumni Resume Review: February and March by appointment
  • Job Fair : April 8th 2020 10-2pm (UMB Campus Center)
  • Individual appointments
    • Licensure
    • Job searching
    • Resume review
    • General career development  discussion
    • Email Dean Taylor, Assistant Dean for Student Services, to schedule

SSW Licensure and Career Preparedness Workshops

  • All Workshops are held in the SSW Auditorium from 12:15-1:45.
  • A box lunch will be provided at the conclusion of the event.
  • Registration is required.
  • All sessions will be live streamed and a recording will be posted to this site within a week after the workshop


November 18th, 2019: Board of Social Work Examiners from MD and DC REGISTER HERE

February 3rd, 2020: Tips for Taking the LMSW Exam Part 1 REGISTER HERE

February 10th, 2020: Tips for Taking the LMSW Exam PART 2 REGISTER HERE

February 17th, 2020: How to Navigate the Job Market REGISTER HERE




LMSW Practice Exam at SSW in Baltimore

We are excited to announce that, starting on October 1st, advanced students will be able to take the LMSW practice exam at no cost in the SSW computer lab (room 4E06). To utilize this resource, please see the details below.

 Free option:

  • There will be two testing stations set up with the practice exams pre-loaded; students will simply have to begin the test at their specified time.
  • In order to sign up for a time slot, please visit this link:
    • Please sign up 24 hours in advance of when you would like to take the test
    • The SSW support center will send you a confirmation with your approved time.
  • As with the official test, the practice exam is four hours.
    • Students will be allotted four hours to take the exam and 30 minutes to review their results. If you finish the exam in less than four hours, you will have extra time to review your results.
  • Due to copyright issues and licensing requirements, tests and result may not be printed or stored; once your four and half hours is over, your results will not be saved.
  • Instructions will be posted at each computer station. If you encounter difficulties, please contact computer services at
  • Test times are as follows:

    • Monday-Thursdays there are 3 slots for each computer available
      • 8:30am
      • 1pm
      • 5:30pm
    • Fridays there are 2 slots for each computer
      • 8:30am
      • 1pm
    • Saturdays there is 1 slot for each computer
      • 10am


For students who prefer to take the practice exam from their personal computer, please see the information below:

Reduced fee option:

  • You will  have access to the exam and your results for 3 months
  • This option will cost $50.15 after the UMSSW discount
    • The School of Social Work has negotiated a 15% discount with LEAP (Licensing ExAm Preparation Services) on your behalf. You may use the code to order any LEAP product including comprehensive study guides, a diagnostic guide, online exams, audios, and more. The code may not be used for classes. The code must be used at the time of purchase. Please keep this code confidential as it has been created only for use at your school. Your unique code is MDUMD15
    • Orders are placed directly through the LEAP website - http://store.licensingprep. com/prbyexle.html. Upon checkout the student applies the above unique code just below "Other Information" - (See below image)

LMSW Practice Exam at USG

The LMSW practice exam will be available at USG during the month of February. Please contact Ms. Jessica Rider-Amin for details.

USG students are also welcome to take the practice exam in Baltimore

Letter Confirming Last Semester for LMSW Application

As of July 2018, students seeking an LMSW in Maryland are no longer required to submit this letter.

Students seeking licensure in other states my request a letter here

Licensing Resources

Students are eligible to apply to take the LMSW exam in Maryland once they have began their final semester of the MSW program. For DC licensure, students must be within 90 days of graduatoin.

Please see the suggested timeline below:

Maryland LMSW Timeline Updated 2020

Washington DC LGSW Timeline Updated

Please see the following links for information on license exams and other details:




Recording of the MD and DC licensing presentation

Recording of the LMSW Prep Workshop Part 1

Recording of the LMSW Prep Workshop Part 2

Request your transcript

Select "hold for degree" and enter the BSWE address to have your final transcript sent upon graduation

Request Transcript

LMSW Study Materials

The LMSW is administered by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB).

Starting on October 1st 2018, students may take the LMSW practice exam in the SSW computer lab at no cost. Please sign up here.

The following Recordings are from 2018:

Power point from LGSW Workshop

LGSW Prep Part 1 Video

LGSW Prep Part 2 Video

ASWB Study Guides

ASWB Pocket Prep

Recent Grad Panel and Alumni Resume Review

Recent Grad Panel: Registration coming soon

Alumni Resume Review: The Alumni Resume Review pairs students who are revising their resumes with alumni who are working in the same or similar area. Send your resume

Resume Resources

Resume Tips and Review

Elements of a Good Resume

Resume Review by University of Maryland Writing Center

The Office of Alumni Services will be conducting resume reviews during the months of February and March. Please email your resume to



Job Search & Interview Tips

UM SSW Career Fair

The career fair will be in UMB Campus Center on Tuesday April 3rd 2018 from 10-2pm .  Students are excused from field education on that day and are expected to attend the fair.

A workshop on “How to work a job fair” precedes the fair.

Social Work Jobs

Macro-focused Social Work Jobs via the School's SWCOS web site

Macro-Focused Career Search

Job Tips for Macro Graduates

Preparing for interviews

Know about where you are interviewing.

Be prepared to have an informed discussion about the agency’s mission, vision, values, etc. Know as much as you can about the position for which you are applying.

Prepare your questions about the job and agency ahead of time

Most employers end the interview by asking if you have any questions, YOU SHOULD. Ask questions that show you already have some understanding of the agency and express your interest in understanding moreSample questions: What is typical day of a social worker in this agency?What are some of the biggest challenges you face in this agency?What do people say that they like the most about working here?

Be clear about yourself and convey this to the employer

Why are you interested in this position and this organization? What do you bring to this position? What in your past has helped prepare you for this position and How has it done so? 

Elevator Speech

Continuing Education Opportunities

UMB SSW students can attend most 1-day workshops offered by our Office of Continuing Professional Education for 50% of the stated fee (this excludes ethics and specials).

Interprofessional Educational & Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities at UMB for collaboration with other disciplines.  

In addition to preparing students to function as effective team members, many of these opportunities allow students to spend time learning about other disciplines, cultures, and ways of thinking.

Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives (PSLSI)

      ISLSI coordinate campus-wide activities, programs, and services that foster students' academic, personal, and professional development.

Interprofessional Education Office (IPE)

      The mission of IPE is to prepare health, law, and human services professionals to work collaboratively on interprofessional teams focused on improving the lives of people    locally, nationally, and globally.     

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE)

      The University of Maryland Baltimore has established the Center for Community-Based Engagement and Learning (CBEL) to coordinate, guide and enhance opportunities for community-based student engagement, scholarship, service and learning in order to improve the health and welfare of the West Baltimore community. Founded in September 2013, many activities are underway and several new initiatives are forthcoming.

UMB CURE Scholars Program

The UMB CURE Scholars Program is currently recruiting mentors to work with 6th and 7th grade scholars in three West Baltimore middle schools! The Continuing Umbrella for Research Experiences (CURE) program is a national program established by the National Cancer Institute to support underrepresented minority students in biomedical research and career development. Mentors will work with our middle school scholars during after school, Saturday, and/or summer programming depending on what works for their schedule. Mentoring levels include primary mentors who consistently work with students throughout the year, lead mentors who are paid and attend all after school sessions as well as Saturday or summer programming, and flex mentors who fill in when primary mentors are not available.