Social work students in classroom discussion.


Our mixture of hybrid learning and in-person field experiences, along with our outstanding and dedicated faculty members, help prepare you to be the changemaker you envision yourself to be.

Welcome to one of the top social work programs in the country for those interested in studying clinical social work, human services management, and community organization. Our exciting 60-credit master’s degree is divided between 24 foundation credits and 36 advanced credits, where students can choose from a rich curriculum of advanced courses and become the leaders of tomorrow. We will educate you to face the challenges of the future—whether it is helping adults and children struggling with emotional and adjustment issues, working side-by-side with community residents to improve their neighborhoods or guiding human service agencies to better serve the needs of their clients.

In your advanced year, you have the choice between the clinical concentration and the leadership, policy, & social change* concentration. It is also possible to combine the two in a course of study that allows for a primary and secondary concentration. 

If you already have a MSW and are interested in pursuing a PhD is social work, please explore our Social Work PhD Program.

*The Leadership, Policy, & Social Change concentration prepares graduates to work in areas such as community organization, policy advocacy and serving as leaders in non-profit and government organizations.