Meng-Hsuan YuMeng-Hsuan Yu is a first-year Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Previously, she served as a research associate in research projects that utilized administrative data and machine learning techniques to refine the child maltreatment screening system in Taiwan, assisting the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Division of Protective Services to identify children at risk. She also has research experience in dealing with national secondary data, primary surveys, questionnaire development, and an innovative project using wearable devices to monitor the health of retiring adults.

Research Interest
Meng-Hsuan is interested in child welfare, especially focusing on how to precisely identify and respond to the needs of abused children, those at risk, and their families. Since it is her first year in the program, she is exploring more research topics around child maltreatment and learning new methods that have the potential in answering my research questions.

Previous Education
MSW – Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University (2020)
BSW – Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University (2016)