Healing Youth Alliance

Who are we:

The Healing Youth Alliance (HYA) is a partnership between the University of Maryland School of Social Work (UMSSW, the Black Mental Health Alliance, and Heartsmiles that is working to address the effects of untreated trauma and the stigma around receiving mental health treatment by training youth and youth program leaders on mental health in the African American community, identifying strategies to decrease stigma related to mental illness, and teaching positive coping mechanisms, healing-centered engagement, and trauma-informed care.

What do we do:

Healing Youth Alliance Ambassadors offer training and consultation to youth and youth serving organizations on mental health, trauma, and healing in the African American community. Topics include: Healing Centered Engagement; Depression; Self-Care; Incarceration: Mind, Body, and Soul; Substance Abuse; Impact of systemic racism on the African American community; Black Men’s Mental Health; and many more topics upon request. To request a HYA training please use this form.