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The Collaborative: A Healing Centered Community

The Collaborative LogoVision: A community that is Healing-Centered

Mission: to prevent, intervene, and heal from trauma and violence in all forms. We accomplish our mission through partnerships between grassroots, non-profits, city agencies, and institutes of higher education by engaging in service provision, education, and research.

Description: The Collaborative is a coalition of Institutes of Higher Education, grassroots organizations, non-profit organizations, and governmental agency partners focused on Healing-Centered engagement in the community

Our efforts include:

  • Youth engagement
  • Violence prevention and interruption
  • Health and wellness
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Mental Health Education and services
  • Capacity building related to Results-Based Accountability
  • Building networks of community-based organizations to work in collaboration to meet Healing-Centered goals


Dr. Liggett-Creel (Executive Director) has over 20 years of experience working in Baltimore focusing on providing clinical services, building evaluation and implementation capacity with grassroots organizations, and community engagement. Dr. Liggett-Creel has partnered with over 60 grassroots organizations to design practical research protocols as well as consult on implementation, data collection, and reporting. Dr. Liggett-Creel is the co-chair for the Mayor’s Trauma Informed Care Workgroup. She facilitated the Results-Based Accountability process for the Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success (7 subgroups including approximately 50 representatives) as well as the Healing City Movement Most recently, Dr. Liggett-Creel facilitated the Results-Based Accountability process for the Baltimore City Health Department (17 City agencies were represented with approximately 40 representatives) and assisted in the formation of the Baltimore City Violence Prevention Framework.


The Healing Youth Alliance

The Healing Youth Alliance is a program established between the University of Maryland School of Social Work, HeartSmiles, and the Black Mental Health Alliance. Youth (between the ages of 16-24) learn about mental health in the African American community and Healing-centered Engagement. Youth then graduate from the program and become public speakers and consultants throughout Baltimore City to offer information and education related to Healing in the African American community. To request a HYA training please use this form.

Growing Grassroots

Growing Grassroots is a capacity building program focused on teaching the Results-Based Accountability framework to grassroots organizations to aide in measuring and telling the story of the work being done. Leaders will attend workshops on identifying results, indicators, performance measures, and strategies. At the end of program leaders will have a research plan, data collection tools as well as framework for future programming and implementation. The Collaborative also offers assistance with connecting with other Grassroots organizations as well as Institutional and City government partners.

From Trauma to Healing

The Collaborative offers Trauma-Informed and Healing-Centered Engagement training to clinicians, educators, community-members, and service providers. Participants will learn the core tenets of Trauma Informed Approaches as well as how to implement those approaches in daily interactions. Participants will also learn strategies to support healing from trauma through the Healing-Centered Engagement model. All training is offered with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. To request a HYA training please use this form.

Community Connections

The Collaborative builds community connections through networking events, resource sharing, and program collaboration. Grassroots organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and institute of higher education partner on information sharing program implementation. The Collaborative assists with identifying grant opportunities and specializes in collective impact models.