Dr Kyla have been a beacon of light for many. Many times working long hours and off the clock to help us sustain our programs. I remember a couple years ago Dr K helped my board and I with our strategic planning. She is very good with what she does and really care about the community Baltimore Community. She is a trusted messenger and we appreciate her.

Let's Thrive Baltimore

Dr.K has been an amazing partner since the first day I met her. I worked with Dr K in my past role with my previous organization an now in my current role which I partially owe my gratitude to Dr K for introducing me to this amazing opportunity. Her support, guidance and just overall good natured spirit never wavers. She is consistently committed to help everyone she comes into contact with. I am honored to be a part of her circle.

- New Song Community Learning Center

Dr. Kyla and Healing Youth Alliance have been incredible partners in the work of Healing City Baltimore. For the past two years Healing Youth Alliance Ambassadors have organized and executed the youth focused portion of the Healing City Summit. They are professional, engaging, informed youth who are a joy to work with.

Healing City Baltimore


It has always been a pleasure to work with Dr. Kyla as her demeanor and professionalism have always been centered on care, consistency and improving life situations for others. Thanks for your dedication, Dr. Kyla!

Above It All