What are my options for housing?

We offer on campus housing for students and information regarding options and cost can be found on the housing website: http://www.umaryland.edu/housing. The housing website includes information about on campus housing, as well as off campus apartments available near the university and students looking for roommates.

What is the cost of living in Baltimore?

The cost of living for students in Baltimore varies between each individual and depends on the needs and expectations of each student.

How can I find a roommate?

The student housing website has a section of postings where students looking for roommates can list an available room for rent, and people looking for a place to live can also post something.  Feel free to check the student lounge for flyers about roommates.

What resources does the school provide to ensure a student's well being?

The campus has a broad range of services and amenities to provide a successful and robust educational experience. 

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