New Building Rendering

The new six-story School of Social Work building comprised of offices, classrooms, and communal gathering spaces will bring the School of Social Work, currently housed in six different locations, under one roof. The building will be located at the intersection of North Greene and West Lexington streets, an ideal location on UMB’s campus to enhance the School of Social Work’s mission of innovation in community service and provide a prominent and welcoming new campus entry point.

Overview/Scope of Project

This project is for the design and construction of a new School of Social Work building on the north side of UMB’s campus. The intent of this project is to provide additional and updated space to address existing and future space needs, as well as to enhance functionality and accommodate new teaching modalities. Some of the building’s features and priorities include:

  • Consolidation of the School of Social Work from 6 buildings into one new facility
  • Assembly and event space for education and community outreach
  • Elevated outdoor space for events and collaboration
  • Equity and accessibility to serve the needs of the school’s unique student body and community and provide a warm and welcoming space to drive community impact
  • Minimizing the building’s environmental impacts through biophilic design and renewable energy

Team Members

  • UMB Project Manager – Mike Dougherty
  • Construction Manager – Whiting-Turner (Baltimore, MD)
  • Architectural/Engineering Firm – Ballinger (Philadelphia, PA)


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