Congratulations on your acceptance to the MSW program for the Spring 2024 term.  To secure your admission, please read through and complete each of the below steps.  

You may reach us at if you have questions or need assistance.

STEP ONE: Deposit and UMID Creation

DEPOSIT: confirm your intent to enroll by paying the $300 non-refundable Confirmation Deposit within 3 weeks of the date on your acceptance letter, and no later than Monday, December 18, 2023.

  • PAY ONLINE HERE - you may pay by credit card or electronic check
  • If you prefer, you may submit a check or money order payable to UMB/SSW 
  • All payments can take up to 3 business days to process
  • This non-refundable deposit will be credited to your account on your first tuition bill

UMID CREATION: the UMID is your unique UMB user name, and grants access to many UMB systems, including email

  • Set up your UMID Account which is required for the completion of the remaining steps
  • Once created, your email account will be the primary source of all SSW and UMB communication
  • PLEASE REVIEW information about the timing, creation, validation, and access available for your UMID and Umaryland email on this page in the IDEA Team Knowledgebase.



STEP TWO: Residency Tuition and Financial Aid

RESIDENCY for TUITION: all admitted students are classified as having "out-of-state" status for tuition and fees. In-State Classification information should be submitted no later than December 15th. SSW Tuition information is available here 

  • To qualify for "in-state" status, students must submit an Application for In-State Classification 
    • This form should be submitted no later than December 15th to the UMB Office of the Registrar:
      • Email:
      • Fax: 410-706-4053
      • Mail: Office of the Registrar, 601 W. Lombard Street, Ste. 240, Baltimore, MD 21201

FINANCIAL AID: to be eligible for financial aid, work-study and/or scholarships you must submit the FAFSASSW Financial Aid information is available here

  • UMB recommends that all students complete the FAFSA
  • Students admitted for Spring should have already submitted; apply immediately if you have not already done so
  • The priority deadline for the 2022-2023 application is January 31st
  • Our school code is 002104
STEP THREE: Field Placement Application

FIELD PLACEMENTField Education is a significant portion of your social work education, and is a place where you learn to make a real, lasting contribution to the lives of others.

  • Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year will be available on or about December 5, 2023
  • Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2024
  • Your Field Application is submitted via your Electronic Field Notebook (EFN) and this is where you will also complete all of your Field assignments
  • Students enrolled in Foundation Field will be required to complete Field Seminar for the entire academic year‌
STEP FOUR: Health Information

Full information on Immunization Requirements is located here.

HEALTH FORMS: all admitted students are required to provide documentation of immunization by March 1st

  • All required documentation is submitted using an Electronic Vaccine Record
  • After reading through the Electronic Vaccine Record information, create your Castle Branch account and upload all required documentation

COVID-19 VACCINE: all students who will be on-campus and/or participating in in-person learning activities are required to be vaccinated for COVID 19

STEP FIVE: Prerequisite Course

All newly admitted students are required to complete 3 prerequisites before the first day of classes.  You can access SOWK 690 (OA1) via Blackboard starting on or about December 1st at noon.  Please note that it will take up to 35 hours to complete all THREE prerequisites.

  1. Blackboard Orientation (2 hours)
  2. Academic Integrity & Anti-Plagiarism Tutorial (2 hours)
  3. A Brief History of Oppression and Resistance (15-30 hours*)

A Brief History of Oppression and Resistance provides important context and foundational knowledge for social work students who will be learning and practicing in Baltimore, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas.  Completing this course is an assignment for your SOWK 610 (Structural Oppressions and Its Implications for Social Work) and will help prepare you for your coursework here at the School of Social Work. SOWK 690 should be completed prior to beginning your semester

  • Journal assignments that are integrated into the prerequisite will need to be submitted in your SOWK 610 class. 
  • Your instructor will provide additional details. 
  • Most instructors request that you submit your journal entries in the first couple of weeks of class.

*Recognizing that students have different styles of learning and engaging, most students report that it takes between 15 and 30 hours to complete A Brief History of Oppression and Resistance. Additionally, this course explores a great deal of material and may elicit a variety of strong emotions. Be sure to give yourself enough time and space to engage with the course, and to also check in with yourself and prioritize self-care as you need it.

STEP SIX: Registration, Important Dates, and Exemption Exams

SPRING REGISTRATION: online registration for newly admitted students begins on November 28, 2023, at 6:00 AM Eastern.  Online registration takes place using SURFS and logging in requires using your UMID account information (see STEP ONE above). Course information for Spring 2024 Newly Admitted Students is located here.

SPRING 2024 IMPORTANT DATES: complete Calendars, Course Schedules, and Important Dates are located here.



Orientation for New Students



Online registration closes for all SSW Students



Last day to add a class or cancel Spring 2024 registration with 100% refund



SSW Classes Begin



Last Day to Drop a Class



SSW Classes End

EXEMPTION EXAMS: are available for all newly admitted students and are encouraged for students with a strong background in policy, research & human behavior

  • Exemption Exams are available for:
    • SOWK 600 Social Welfare and Social Policy
    • SOWK 645 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
    • SOWK 670 Social Work Research
  • The passing of Exemption Exams does not decrease the number of required credits for your degree
  • Passing Exemption Exams does increase the number of elective credits you can take
STEP SEVEN: Orientation and UMB One Card

ORIENTATION: all newly admitted students are required to attend Orientation on January 10, 2024.  Prior to Orientation Day please ensure that you have completed all of the steps as listed above and on the Orientation website.  

ORIENTATION VIDEOS: prior to attending orientation, all newly admitted students should watch each General Orientation Video.

ONE CARD: the One Card is the official identification card for students and is required for entrance into all buildings on the UMB campus.  

  • One Card for New Students requires that you:
    • Are a registered student
    • Submit a photo using online photo submission
    • Have a valid government driver's license, passport, or other photo ID
  • Your One Card is more than an identification card and is used for
    • Parking Access
    • URecFit
    • Library Services
    • UMB Shuttle Access
STEP EIGHT: Review General Orientation Videos

Offices within the School of Social Work have prepared orientation videos for you to view.  The total viewing time for all orientation videos is approximately 2 hours.  Click Here to View General Orientation Videos

Educational Support and Disability Services, and Veterans Affairs

ACCOMMODATIONS: students with a disability may request accommodations for coursework & field education through the Office of Educational Support and Disability Services(ESDS). ESDS works with students with all types of disabilities including physical, learning, sensory, psychological, ADHD, and chronic and acute medical conditions. 

  • To ensure timely and appropriate accommodation, please submit your request as early as possible
  • Information on how to request accommodation is located here
  • Email or call (410) 706-5889

VETERANS AFFAIRS: the SSW Office of Records and Registration can assist eligible students with enrollment certification and navigating eligibility for benefits.

Defer Start Term or Decline Admission

DEFER START TERM: if you wish to defer your enrollment please email Associate Dean for Admissions and Enrollment no later than January 5, 2024, and include all of the following:

  • deferral reason
  • deferral status (Full time or Part-time)
  • deferral term
  • NOTE: The deferral deadline is January 5, 2024. Please keep a copy of all forms you submit.

DECLINE OFFER OF ADMISSION: if you wish to decline our offer of admission, please complete and submit this survey.  

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