SSW Orientation

Request: Fall 2021 Orientation will be on Monday, August 16, 2021. More information to come soon.  

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Please complete the following prior to orientation day:

1. Complete all Forms

To receive work study and/or scholarships, must complete this application

One card
Visit Website to apply for your Student ID.

Tuition Classification Form
Visit website to be considered for in-state classification and complete the Application for In-State Classification Form.
UMB Health Forms
Use the new electronic immunization record tracking site (Castle Branch) for submission of the required documentation.
Student Health
Contact Student Health
Requirements for Success 
Read and complete form at this link.
If all of your forms are complete, please complete all the orientations videos on the orientation homepage. 
Please download and email yourself a copy of the certificates of completion for #3 and #4, so that you have them available for any faculty member who requests them. 

Fall Accepted Students
Spring Accepted Students

For questions regarding orientation please see the links above.  If you need further assistance please contact the Office of Student Services.