More information about convocation will be provided by early 2022. 





Applying for Diploma


Deadline to file an Application for Diploma is February 7, 2022.

Filing an Graduation Application is mandatory, please so here.

For questions regarding the process, please contact:

Office of the Registrar

601 W. Lombard Street, Suite 240

Baltimore, MD 21201


410-706-4053 (fax)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are enrolled in an extended field placement you’re considered a July (Summer) graduate.

You MUST select “Summer” on your Application for Diploma as your expected date of graduation. If you plan to participate in the May ceremonies you must apply between March 1 and April 1 in order to receive tickets to the SSW event. Do not apply earlier than March 1.  The deadline for Summer graduates is June 4, 2017 for those not participating.  (Please note:  Extended Advanced Field Practicum students and Advanced Standing students taking summer courses are considered Summer graduates.)

July graduates may participate in both the SSW Convocation and UMB Commencement ceremonies. July graduates ARE listed in the SSW Convocation program but are NOT listed in the UMB Commencement program as you will not receive your diploma until after you complete your studies in July.

UMB Diplomas

Diplomas will be mailed to the student address provided in SURFS after students have completed financial aid exit counseling.

Diplomas for May graduates will be mailed in late May.

Diplomas for July (Summer) graduates are mailed in late August.


Ticket information will be coming soon

Exemplary Student Award Nominations

Nominations are now closed for 2021. 


Each year, the UMB School of Social Work honors three students for outstanding achievement within the school and community; 1 each for Clinical, Macro and Field Practice.  Students may be nominated by faculty, staff, students and/or field instructors.

Please use the guidelines below and provide a summary of why you feel the nominated student is deserving of the award. 

  • Nominee must be graduating in December 2020, May 2021 or July 2021
  • Nominee has:

    • Demonstrated exemplary leadership
    • Been involved in volunteer activities that have motivated and inspired others
    • Been a success in advocating for others or organizations
    • Made a significant contribution to an organization or agency
    • Made a significant contribution to various client populations
    • Shown commitment to social change and action


SGA Faculty Award Nominations

Nominations are now closed for 2021. 


To nominate a faculty member for the SGA exemplary faculty award, please visit here.

SGA Staff Award Nominations

Nominations are now closed for 2021. 


Exemplary Staff Description : Supports students in successfully matriculating through the MSW program by illustrating cultural competency, knowledge of program logistics, career development and professional mentorship.

 Areas in the UMSSW where staff typically work with students:

  • Field Education
  • Copy Support Center
  • Student Services
  • Admissions
  • Records and Registration

IMPORTANT: Confidentiality Rules

If you have marked your name, major, attendance or degree as Confidential on the Directory Options in SURFS, your name will not appear in any campus Commencement publications. If that’s not what you want, you need to change the settings before April 30.

We can’t verify your attendance or graduation for future employers without your written consent if your name, major, attendance or degree are marked confidential.

To change confidentiality settings for directory information, logon to Surfs and go to the Personal Information menu and click on Update Directory Options

Ordering Caps, Gowns, Rings, and Announcements

Regalia may be ordered online by May 5 2021 via OakHall. 

Master regalia complete outfit (cap w/tassel, gown, hood): $97.96
Nursing stole (CNL only): $36.98
Hood only: $40.98
Gown only: $41.98
Cap only: $8.98
Tassel only: $7.98

PhD regalia complete outfit (tam w/tassel, gown, hood received separately): $116.96
All other doctoral degrees (tam w/tassel, gown, hood): $168.94
Hood only: $51.98
Gown only: $49.98
Tam only: $66.98
Tassel only: $7.98

Souvenir tassel: $7.98
Honor cords: $15.98 (Social Work SGA only)
Nursing stoles (BSN and CNL only): $36.98

Attire & Protocol

Traditional academic regalia (cap, gown, tassel and robe/hood) is required. Graduates are required to drape their hood across their right arm when proceeding into the ceremony hall and when crossing the stage. Once on stage, a faculty member places the hood on the graduate then the graduate is honored by Dean Barth. Full academic regalia is also worn at the UMB Commencement.

General Information & Contacts

UM SSW Registration Office

UM SSW Office of Student Services

Office of the Registrar

601 W. Lombard Street, Suite 240

Baltimore, MD 21201


410-706-4053 (fax)


Specialization Certificates are mailed to each graduate by August.