In order to qualify for this program, an applicant must have a career focus in the behavioral health/health field working with children, youth and young adults. Student must complete all requirements in the academic year. Other requirements include:

  • Completing two (2) Clinical Methods courses on evidence-based behavioral health interventions with children, youth and/or young adults.
  • Completing a 1-credit Inter-professional course or clinical rotation offered on campus.
  • Participate in bimonthly interprofessional seminar series with UMBC psychology interns and 2 conference presentations per academic year to integrate your field experience and receive additional education on integrated behavioral health topics for children, youth and young adults. 
  • Participating in training on use of interpreter services in the provision of behavioral health services.
  • Placement at a BHWISE ADVANCE/AVANCE MARYLAND approved Advanced Field Placement for the academic year.
  • Signing a commitment letter upon being accepted as a fellow, stating intent to pursue employment in integrated behavioral health with children, young and young adults, especially with underserved populations and/or rural populations upon graduation. (Copy of commitment letter).

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