The Office of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is the premier source for advancing the knowledge base of post-graduate social workersCreated in 1992, to meet the demands of new licensing regulations, CPE has grown to become the largest Social Work Continuing Education Program in the Nation CPE is committed to remaining true to the core values of the social work profession by offering relevant topics that meet the social work professional where they are.  CPE begins where the social work matriculation ends, providing licensure prep and practical skill building for new professionals while advancing the skills of seasoned practitioners. We do this by covering topics that focus on a full range of clinical skills and a broad spectrum of ethics and supervisory/managerial support., CPE offers highly vetted and well researched workshops designed to challenge even the most advanced social worker in growing their skills and expertise 

At A Glance 

  • Started in 1992 
  • Offers International and National Certificate Programs  
  • Offers over 100+ workshops annually online and in-person 
  • Offers customized workshops for Agencies and Organizations 

Key Projects/Objective

CPE is committed to providing social work professionals with ongoing education throughout the lifespan of their careers.  To accomplish this we: 

  • Strive to stay culturally relevant with focus on anti-oppression and anti-racism approaches. 
  • Regularly review emerging trends in the field and seek skilled facilitators with expertise in those areas. 
  • Streamline programming costs to ensure affordability.  
  • Select convenient locations across our geographic area to increase accessibility. 
  • Regularly and thoroughly evaluate our presenters to ensure that we maintain a high level of quality, veracity and engagement. 
  • Collaborate with the Board of Social Work Examiners and ASWB to stay abreast of current regulations. 


CPE has been in partnership with the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners since 1992.   We establish and maintain professional alliances with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, several behavioral health organizations, and other local non-profit organizations. CPE regularly engages in bringing awareness to social issues such as Intimate Partner Violence, Healthcare Reform, Suicide Prevention and Child Sex Trafficking.  

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