SSW Faculty Receive Funding to Evaluate the Financial Stability Pathway

The SSW has received funding from the Job Opportunities Task Force c/o the Maryland CASH Campaign to evaluate outcomes from the Financial Stability Pathway (FSP). The FSP is a new initiative that will link low- to moderate- income families to a network of service providers who are trained to help families use affordable and appropriate financial products, to establish and maintain emergency savings and long-term assets, and to obtain applicable public benefits. The study will be led by Dr. Jodi Jacobson and additional personnel include Dr. Karen Hopkins (Co-PI), Dr. Philip Osteen (Statistician), and Research Assistants, Devon Hyde and Lucy Bill.

The research team is consulting with Maryland CASH Campaign, in collaboration with the Apsen Institute, to evaluate outcomes of the using the FSP among providers working in Baltimore-based non-profit organizations and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Additionally, the researchers will assess outcomes specific to individual and family clients who access direct financial services through participating organizations and referrals for additional support through the pathway. Results will inform future improvements to the FSP as it expands throughout the country and future evaluation studies of financial capability.

Executive Summary of the Provider Study

Executive Summary of the Client Study


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