The SSW Financial Social Work Initiative (FSWI) received funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to conduct a mixed methods research/evaluation study with parents of Head Start and other child-care centers in Delaware who are participating in that state’s $tand By Me financial empowerment program. The study is being led by Drs. Christine Callahan and Jodi Jacobson Frey.

The work undertaken by FSWI will involve focus groups and individual interviews with parents (including Spanish-speaking parents) who have children enrolled in Head Start and other child care centers and who are receiving a variety of financial coaching services from $tand By Me throughout the state of Delaware. In addition, analysis of data collected in the program’s data base and development of a logic model describing factors that impact the program’s success and improvement in clients’ financial well-being will also be accomplished. The research is taking place between April 1, 2014 and August 1, 2015. UMSSW PhD student Sally Hageman is also on the project, as is Dr. Karen Hopkins during its second phase.

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