Our Intentions (Mission):

With a focus on the social determinants of health and of risk and protective factors, and aligned with the SPF framework, PARI’s intentions are outlined below: 

  • Assess and monitor the adolescent health risks for youth across Maryland 
  • Empower survivors 
  • Improve outcomes for adolescents across Maryland- Decreasing adolescent health risks 
  • Raise public awareness for trafficking in Maryland through trainings, workshops and annual conference events 
  • Meeting the needs of adolescents through effective collaboration 
  • Sustaining partnerships 
  • Increase the capacity, through advocacy to appropriately and effectively prevent, identify and respond to adolescent health needs. 
  • Deliver trainings for professionals disciplines (law enforcement, mental health providers, medical providers, faith leaders, educators, etc.) to meet the needs of adolescents across Maryland  
  • Enhancing capacity and knowledge for human trafficking and other adolescent health issues across disciplines  
  • Increase the visibility and knowledge base for adolescent health issues through better data collection and information sharing at the national, state, and local levels 
  • Use data to make decisions 
  • Pursing meaningful work and grant opportunities