• March 2023: Uneasy Alignments: The Mental Health Turn in the American Legal System

    The University of Maryland's Journal of Health Care Law & Policy and the School of Social Work's Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture Series as we discuss the use of legal coercion to force compliance with mental health interventions across various areas including child welfare, families, and criminal legal systems. We will consider the consequences of these therapeutic interventions, including the effects on communities and families. We will also consider how social workers and lawyers can critically reflect and respond to these developments.

    \ March 2023: Uneasy Alignments: The Mental Health Turn in the American Legal System
  • December 2022: Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture: Ableism and Health Advocacy

    Part 1: Ableism 101: Affirming Practice with Disabled People/People with Disabilities* Part 2: Inclusive Health and Medical Advocacy for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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  • September 2022 Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture, Restorative Approaches in Policy, Programs, and Practice

    With John Braithwaite

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  • June 2022: Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture, Community Response to Violence: Prevention, Intervention, and Healing

    The Virtual 2022 Spring Daniel Thursz Social Justice event was on May 10, 2022 at 5 p.m. and focused on how organizations in our Baltimore community understand and respond to violence. Guest Speakers: Kelly Sparks, S.O.N.S. of Phoenix Rev. Corey Barnes, GraceCity Church Jakia Jones, Baltimore Ceasefire 365 Co-Moderators: Caroline Harmon-Darrow, PhD Kyla Liggett-Creel, PhD

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  • December 2021: Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture, Our World on Fire: Is there a social worker in the house?

    This two-part presentation included a lecture on environmental justice through the lens of social work, followed by a panel discussion of representatives from local advocacy and policy organizations who shared what they are doing in Baltimore and the surrounding area.

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  • April 2021: Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture, Experts on Our Experience: The Missing Links to Deeper Change

    A discussion among leaders with lived experience about systemic efforts to address youth homelessness. The expertise and leadership of youth with lived experience of homelessness is necessary to address root causes of the problem and develop effective interventions, yet youth leaders too often are not involved in decision-making in a meaningful way. The discussion explores strategies for equitable collaboration between youth and systems leaders, services providers, and advocates in these efforts. Panelists include several young leaders who have experienced housing instability as well as an older adult advocate for solutions to homelessness. 

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  • Election Tuesdays, Fall 2020

    Elections are part of our larger national and local dialogues about the meaning of inclusion and exclusion in shaping our identity and values. This series of three events explored if, how, and why elections matter. If they matter — to what purpose? How can elections be used to effect change? What are some of the differences between working at the local, state, and national levels? What are the forces that impact our ability to participate in elections as voters, candidates, and social workers who seek to shape our society?

    Election Tuesdays, Fall 2020
  • December 2 2019: Heather McGhee, Who Are We As Americans? Confronting Hard Truths and Healing for the Future

    Thursz Social Justice Lecture with Heather McGhee of Demos.

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  • November 13 2019: Corey shdaimah Thursz Investiture Ceremony

    On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, an investiture ceremony was held on the UMB campus, Corey Shdaimah, LL.M., PhD, was installed as the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s Daniel Thursz Distinguished Professor for Social Justice.

    Thursz Investiture Ceremony: Shdaimah
  • April 2 2019: Former Sen. Barbara Mikulski, MSW ’65, Daniel Thursz Lecture

    Former Sen. Barbara Mikulski, MSW ’65, shared her passion for the University of Maryland School of Social Work (UMSSW), and advice for new social workers starting out in their careers, as she returned to her alma mater to deliver the Daniel Thursz Social Justice Lecture: “From Activism to Accomplishments: Promoting Social Justice from the Streets of Baltimore to the Halls of Congress,” held in the SSW auditorium.

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