The BHWISE Substance Use Disorders Interventions Fellowship (SUDIF) is recruiting top-flight social work students entering the School of Social Work at the University of Maryland committed to scholarship and employment in the substance use treatment field. The current substance use treatment workforce in Maryland is insufficient to meet the treatment needs of individuals with SUDs. Social workers—who provide the majority of behavioral health services—represent a largely untapped workforce for addressing this service gap. With funding through the State of Maryland University System, SUDIF will increase the workforce of clinical social workers providing evidence-based interventions in the substance use treatment field.

The Substance Use Disorder Interventions Fellowship (SUDIF) is a 2-year fellowship for MSW students who wish to pursue a course of study focusing on the treatment of substance use disorders.  SUDIF recipients will be awarded a total stipend of $28,000 ($6,000 per semester in the Foundation year and $8,000 per semester in the Advanced year). 

Fellows agree to participate in specialized training and coursework while attending the MSW program. In return for the training and financial benefits provided by the program, students will commit to working full-time in a substance use disorder treatment program pre-approved by SUDIF for a two-year period post-graduation.


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