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People & Payments: A Profile of Maryland's Child Support Caseload Series
Child support is the single largest child-focused program in terms of number of children served and the amount of money that is distributed to them. The IV-D (or public) child support caseload is also more diverse than other social programs, and information about the characteristics of families and individuals served by the program is necessary in order to understand the context of data regarding federal performance measures and to think creatively about new approaches and initiatives. This report series provides an annual profile of the active IV-D caseload in Maryland, based on a random sample of cases in July of each year. We examine the characteristics of cases and people in the IV-D caseload, including paternity and support payments, and provide an analysis of the current issues affecting the caseload locally and nationally. We also periodically issue special reports that focus on a particular issue or subpopulation of the active IV-D caseload, including for example, incarcerated obligors, arrears cases, and others.

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Child Support Guidelines


Every four years, states are required to review their child support guidelines to ensure that the guidelines are providing appropriate support obligations and to analyze case data on the application of and deviations from the guidelines. Since 1997, the University of Maryland has been asked by the Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) to conduct the case-level review portion of this quadrennial review. The reports listed here summarize our findings.

Child Support Guidelines Case-Level Review


Child Support Initiatives


Maryland’s Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) has long pursued empirically-based assessments of caseload and local program initiatives, pilots, and approaches. The reports listed here each provide a detailed, comprehensive analysis of program and individual outcomes for several child support initiatives. An in-depth discussion of each initiative, as well as a description of the population or subpopulation served is also included in order to provide a context within which to interpret study findings.

Child Support Initiatives









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