Skill Development and Training is the part of the Family Welfare Research and Training Group, that specializes in workforce support and delivery of training for Maryland's Department of Human Services (DHS) Family Investment Administration (FIA) employees. SD&T provides staff support training for local agency front-line workers, supervisors and managers who serve customers in all the state’s counties and Baltimore City. This is accomplished through facilitation of workshops, instructor-led discussions, simulations and other interactive and experiential activities.

Training topics and course development modules include leadership, coaching and mentoring, and team leader training for supervisors and managers. For staff at all levels, we offer customer service and case management modules, teamwork, diversity, stress management and reduction, among many others. Course content can be further customized to best meet the needs of the particular jurisdiction, local office or region. A variety of training methods and presentation tools are utilized to deliver professional classroom training to staff in all 24 Maryland jurisdictions.


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