Welcome to the Office of Field Education!

Field Education is an essential component of graduate social work education. As part of the curriculum, students are placed at two different field placement sites in social services agencies, or other service delivery systems located throughout Maryland, District of Columbia, and surrounding areas.

The Office of Field Education (OFE) has field coordinators and administrative professionals who partner with agencies, field instructors, and faculty liaisons. Field coordinators work closely with students to locate field placements prior to the start of the academic year and to ensure placements are a good fit for both the student and the agency. Field placements are determined based on concentration/specialization for advanced students and geographic location for foundation students. 

  • Welcome Students!

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    Welcome Students!
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    Welcome Field Instructors!
  • Welcome Agency Site Partners!

    Steps to becoming an agency partner, field placement schedule, CSWE Competencies & Behavior, Professional Liability Insurance. 

    Welcome Agency Site Partners!
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    Welcome Faculty Field Liaisons!
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    Field Calendar, Manual, & Syllabi
  • FAQs

    It is important to the Office of Field Education (OFE) that every student is informed about what to expect, timelines, and next steps.  This page provides a list of questions most frequently asked by students and the answers provided by the OFE.