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Alex Cosentino-Tich

Alex Cosentino-Tich (they/them), Academic Advisor

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Rm. 2E41, 525 West Redwood Street, Baltimore MD 21201
Phone: 410-706-3525
Email: sswadvising@ssw.umaryland.edu

Advising is not mandatory, however students are encouraged to communicate with the Academic Advisor on a periodic basis to confirm progress in meeting degree requirements.  The School of Social Work model for advising includes both academic and professional advising.   Faculty are available to students for advising related to the Social Work profession

You may wish to discuss the following with your advisor:

  • Developing your academic plan
  • Selecting courses
  • Understanding policies and procedures
  • Exploring University resources

Students are responsible for ensuring they have met all requirements for graduation in their selected Concentration and Specialization.  

Advising is for current UMSSW Social Work students only. Prospective students should use the Information Request Form to contact the School of Social Work Admissions Office.

How Does Academic Advising Work at UM SSW?

Students are encouraged to speak with the school’s Academic Advisor to develop an educational plan that meets their academic requirements within the prescribed time frame. In addition, the Academic Advisor is available to talk about curriculum matters, the structure of the academic program, academic rules and degree requirements.

Although the Academic Advisor will assist students in developing a Plan of Study, each student must assume responsibility for knowing curriculum requirements and ensuring that these requirements are met by reviewing the materials on the school’s website.

Who is my Academic Advisor?

The Academic and Career Advisor is Alex Cosentino-Tich, LCSW-C.  They can be reached at sswadvising@ssw.umaryland.edu or 410-706-3525. Book An Appointment.

Do I have a Faculty Advisor?

Students are encouraged to meet with faculty members for professional advising. This will encompass providing advice to students about the plausible outcomes of different concentrations and specializations, how these courses of study are different in nature and different in their future implications, and other matters related to increasing a student’s understanding of the social work profession.

Faculty members are available for professional advising during office hours and by appointment. Students will find faculty members’ bios located on the school’s website.  The bios can help students determine faculty research interests, subject areas of expertise, courses taught and designation of concentration/specialization chairpersons.

What classes should I take?
  1. View Samples Plan of Study.
  2. Review the Curriculum Overviews to learn more about your specific graduation requirements based on your date of entry.
  3. Download/view Class Schedules.  Print a copy of the schedule for use when registering.
  4. Not sure what to take?  Email sswadvising@ssw.umaryland.edu to talk about your plan of study.  
How do I register for classes?

Students register for classes in SURFS (Student User Friendly System).  

  1. Log on to SURFS with your myUM ID and password   
  2. Select STUDENT
  4. Select SELECT TERM and choose the desired term
  5. Select ADD/DROP CLASSES and then scroll down to the ADD CLASS section
  6. Enter the CRN number(s) for desired courses and sections (find courses and CRN codes here: https://www.ssw.umaryland.edu/academics/calendar/
  7. Select SUBMIT CHANGES and courses will appear in the CURRENT SCHEDULE area.                

Once you login, you will also be able to view your bill, change your address and check your grades.  

If you need assistance logging in to SURFS, please contact the Help Desk at help@umaryland.edu. 

Potential Registration Errors:

  • Holds – The student will not be permitted to register until the hold is resolved with the appropriate office. 
  • Time Conflict – Classes that meet concurrently have been selected
  • Closed Section – Course is full and closed for further registration
  • Class Restriction – The student is not eligible to register for the course
  • Course Prerequisites – The student has not met the requirements to register for this course

 If you need assistance registering, please email sswregistration@ssw.umaryland.edu 

What is Field Education?

Field Education, an internship under the supervision of an experienced MSW Field Instructor, is an important component of graduate social work education. Included in a student's Plan of Study will be two different field placements in social services agencies, departments or other service delivery systems located throughout the State of Maryland and surrounding areas.  Field Placements are determined based on concentration/specialization for advanced students and geographic location for foundation students. 

Students can learn more about Field Education here or by contacting the Field Education Office at 410-706-7187 or fieldeducation@ssw.umaryland.edu

Can I Study Abroad?

The University and the School have a strong and growing international focus offering a variety of global educational experiences. The School offers courses which include international travel and an international field placement program for interested students.

Find out more here: https://www.ssw.umaryland.edu/academics/global-opportunities/ and here: http://www.umaryland.edu/global/ 

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