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The Online Work Readiness Assessment: Barriers to Work and Post-Assessment Experiences
(August 2011) Sarah Williamson, Correne Saunders, Catherine E. Born

The Online Work Readiness Assessment: Pilot Data Evaluation
(June 2010) Catherine E. Born, Correne Saunders, Sarah Williamson

The Online Work Readiness Assessment (OWRA) is a suite of Web-based modules that allows caseworkers to understandand meet employment needs for their TANF clients. This report presents an evaluation of the datagenerated during the pilot phase of the OWRA project.

Barriers to Independence Among TANF Recipients: Comparing Caseworker Records & Client Surveys
(June 2005) Pamela C. Ovwigho, Correne Saunders, Catherine E. Born

A study examining the correlation between the presence of barriers as reported by clients to survey researchers and the identification of those same issues as employmentbarriers in clients' welfare agency files.

Understanding TANF Outcomes in Context: The Relationships Among Front-Line Assessment, Agency Characteristics, Local Economic/ Demographic Characteristics and Customer and Jurisdictional Level TANF Outcomes
(January 2002) Leanne W. Charlesworth, Mary Morris Hyde, Pamela Caudill Ovwigho, Catherine E. Born

A report describing the design, conduct and findings of a multi-year, multi-method Maryland study of welfare reform implementation and outcomes. The study documents customer- and county-level reform outcomes and examines how variations in front-line client assessment practice and other factors such as characteristics of local welfare agencies and local jurisdictions influence those outcomes.

Assessment: An Overview
(March 1999) Leanne Charlesworth, Catherine E. Born, Allison West

In this monograph, the definitions and functions of assessment in general as well as assessment issues specific to welfare are described. The focus is on issues of particular relevance to assessment in the welfare-to-work environment and decisions that must be made by those designing and implementing assessment approaches.










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