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Life Without Welfare:Do Welfare Avoidance Grants Prevent or Simply Delay Welfare
(March 2006)Andrea Hetling, Kirk Tracy, Catherine E. Born

This study examines a critical assumption about the nature of diversion programs. That is, are diversion programs, specifically lump-sum cash grants, a cost effective alternative to traditional monthly cash grant programs? Are diverted clients actually “diverted” from welfare, or are they just using equivalent funds in a different way, or, similarly, is their entrance into monthly welfare programs just delayed for a short time?

Life Without Welfare: The Prevalence and Outcomes of Diversion Strategies in MD
(August 2002)Darren Lacey, Andrea Hetling-Wernyj, Catherine E. Born

The premise of diversion is that on-going cash assistance is not always the best way to meet the financial needs of at-risk families and if other, more appropriate aid can be provided, their need to become welfare users in the traditional sense may be obviated. This study describes the characteristics of 4,219 families diverted from Maryland’s TANF program, the extent to which diversion is used, and outcomes from this new program.









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