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Welfare Time Limits: Hardship Exemptions in Maryland
(July 2012) Letitia Logan, Correne Saunders, Catherine Born

This report adds to our available body of knowledge on TANF time limits by looking at the universe of the 7,143 Maryland cases which exceeded the 60-month limit on benefit receipt and were granted a hardship exemption between January 2002 and August 2010. Specifically, we use administrative data to describe demographic and case characteristics and cash assistance utilization patterns of the hardship population, the extent of their participation in work activities, the nature of the activities to which they are assigned, and the barriers which are documented as being present in their lives.

The TANF Time Limit:Barriers & Outcomes Among Families Reaching the Limit
(November 2007) Pamela C. Ovwigho, Kathryn Patterson, Catherine E. Born

This report examines the characteristics and outcomes of families reaching the 60-month time limit, particularly, do they remain on TCA? and, Do they experience significant barriers to employment?

The TANF Time Limit: Comparing Long-term and Other Welfare Leavers
(February 2006) Andrea Hetling, Kathryn W. Patterson, Catherine E. Born

This report addresses one specific aspect of the need for more information about the time limited population. In short, what happens to individuals who leave welfare after reaching the limit?

Time’s Up: Relative Disadvantages of Long- & Short-term Urban Welfare Recipients
(July 2004) Andrea Hetling, Catherine E. Born, Kirk Tracy

This study provides Maryland policymakers and program managers with important, previously unavailable, information about our state’s time-limited population by examining the intersection of time limits and the urban concentration of cash assistance cases.

The TANF Time Limit: Profile of Families at Imminent Risk
(February 2001) Welfare and Child Support Research and Training Group

This report, using administrative data and case manager-provided survey data, profiles the characteristics of cases at most immediate risk of reaching the 60-month time limit on federally-financed assistance payments.









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