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Welcome to the Healthy Men Michigan Downloadable Resource Center, your central location for pre-written, customizable social media posts, emails, press releases, and more.

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  5. Bring promotional materials to local venues and share at men-specific locations and events

How are You Promoting Healthy Men Michigan?

Take Action Today! (pdf)

Posters and Wallet Cards

Give Your Brain a Physical -- Wallet Card‌‌ (image)

Give Your Brain a Physical -- Poster (pdf)

Driving Range -- Wallet Card

Driving Range -- Poster (pdf)

Batting Practice -- Wallet Card (image)

Batting Practice -- Poster (pdf)

HMM Poster (pdf)

HMM Poster with crop marks (pdf)

Want to order wallet cards for free? Send an email to with your name, organization, address and number of cards requested.

Healthy Men Michigan's Anniversary

Additional Promotional Materials

Lapeer County Billboard

Webinar Slide Decks

Construction Workers


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