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Terry Shaw

Terry Shaw

Associate Professor
Director, Division of Research, Institute for Innovation and Implementation
Academic Coordinator MSW/MPH Dual Degree Program

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My background and interests focus on leveraging existing administrative data systems to improve state policy and practice related to child and family health. I am particularly interested in examining the pathways into and through child serving systems focusing on opportunities for state systems to collaborate, understand service overlaps, improve overall service delivery and address the multiple needs of the children and families involved with these systems (including child, youth and family physical and mental health; surveillance of psychotropic medication use; pathways to permanency; educational access; interactions between the court and child welfare services, and child maltreatment prevention). I have over two decades of experience and expertise in developing the infrastructure, relationships and programming structure to successfully implement multi-agency data linking systems (having instituted data linking projects in South Carolina, California, and Maryland). I have expertise in advanced statistical methods and extensive experience utilizing longitudinal data systems to answer questions related to service outcomes to inform policy and practice.

Expertise & Interests

  • Child Welfare
  • Advanced Statistical Methods with Administrative Data
  • Environmental Issues Into Social Work Policy & Practice
  • Child Welfare Outcomes and Accountability
  • Adoption and Other Avenues to Permanency
  • Using Data to Inform Policy

2007        MPH, University of California at Berkeley, Interdisciplinary Program    
2006        Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, School of Social Welfare
1997        MSW, University of Missouri at Columbia            
1991        BS, Northeast Missouri State University (Truman State), Computer Science