Samantha Roth, LCSW-C, received her masters in clinical social work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017. She has almost ten years of working within systems such as the legal, education, and medical systems as an advocate, and a clinical social worker, and is now the Director of Operations and an active therapist at the local private practice HoneyB Wellness. Samantha specializes in working with survivors of trauma and clients living alternative lifestyles such as ethical non-monogamy and BDSM using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the neurobiology of trauma, and psycholinguistics. Samantha is also dedicated to educating those unaware or unfamiliar with alternative lifestyles and has been teaching on the subject in various communities for the last six years before starting her most recent teaching role as an adjunct professor. Samantha lives in Baltimore with her partner, two (not at all) attention-starved cats, and a bookshelf full of fantasy novels.   

Email: samantha.roth@ssw.umaryland.edu | Courses: SWCL 723 Couples Therapy


MSW, Virginia Commonwealth University