John Paul Mulhern is a social worker, clinician, and educator with over twenty-five years of macro and clinical healthcare experience. This includes over twenty years as a licensed social worker. Paul has provided direct social work and healthcare services in a wide range of healthcare settings, including general medical and behavioral health hospitals, emergency departments, outpatient hospital programs, crisis hotlines, elementary and middle schools, and private practice. Paul has provided care to children and adolescents as well as couples, families, adults, civilian first responders, and veterans; including a full range of age, racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender identity diversity. Paul has extensive experience in providing treatment to those with addiction illnesses as well as mental illness, and practices with an understanding of the interconnectedness of physiological and mental health.

Email: paul.mulhern@ssw.umaryland.edu  | Courses: SOWK 600 - Social Welfare and Social Policy, SWCL 700 - Advanced Clinical Interventions, SOWK 706 - Mental Health and Social Policy, SOWK 708 - Integrated Behavioral Health Policy, SWCL 744 - Psychopathology


MSW, University of Maryland School of Social Work
MBA, Mount Saint Mary's University