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Financial Social Work Initiative Steering Committee Contact List

Dr. Rick Barth
Professor and Dean, UM SSW

Dr. Jodi Jacobson Frey
Associate Professor, UM SSW
Chair, Employee Assistance Program Sub-Specialization
Chair, Financial Social Work Initiative

University Partners:
Haksoon Ahn, PhD, MSW
Associate Professor, UM SSW

John Cagle, PhD, MSW 
Associate Professor, UM SSW

Dr. Christine Callahan 
Research Assistant Professor, UM SSW

Jeffrey Clark, MA, MSW, LGSW
Family Prosperity Coordinator, Promise Heights, UM SSW

Matt Conn
Assistant Dean for Communications, UM SSW

Becky Davis, MSW 
Assistant Director, SWCOS, UM SSW

Rachel Donegan, JD
Assistant Director, Promise Heights, UM SSW

David Flinchbaugh
Associate Dean, Development and Alumni Relations, UM SSW

Seante Hatcher, LCSW-C
Program Manager, Continuing Professional Education, UM SSW

Dr. Samuel Little
Associate Dean of Field Education, UM SSW

Mary T. Phelan
Senior Media Relations Specialist, UMB

Paul Sacco, PhD, MSW
Associate Dean for Research and Associate Professor, UM SSW

Dr. Wendy Shaia
Clinical Assistant Professor, UM SSW
Executive Director, Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS)

Sheila Snowden, MSW, LCADC, LCSW-C
Clinical Instructor and Coordinator for Field Education (Office of Field Education), UM SSW

Kimberly Street, MSW, LPN, CCM
Clinical Field Instructor, Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS)
Enoch Pratt Library Program

Carolyn Tice, DSW [Bio]
Professor and Dean, Baccalaureate Social Work Program, UMBC

Community Partners:
Sara Johnson, MSW [Bio]
Co-Founder and COO, CASH Campaign of Maryland

Dr. Jim Kunz [Bio]
Associate Professor and Program Director, McDaniel College Dept. of Social Work

Robin McKinney, MSW [Bio]
Adjunct Professor, UM SSW
Co-Founder and CEO, CASH Campaign of Maryland

Holly Mirabella, JD, MSW
Adjunct Professor, UM SSW
Policy Associate, CASH Campaign of Maryland

Meg Woodside, MBA, MSW [Bio]
Trustee, The Woodside Foundation
Founding FSWI Chair

Anthony Carter, MSW'18

Social Work Student Members:
Sally Hageman, MSW

Orrin Ware, MSW, MPH


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