MSW Program Coursework in FSW

This course is an advanced course for both clinical and macro students at UMSSW who have completed their foundation year courses, including their first-year placements. It examines barriers to, and opportunities for, the financial stability of individuals, families, and the impact of low wealth in communities. The course uses a comprehensive approach examining social programs and direct practice interventions, financial services, and policies that can move individuals, families, and communities along the asset-building continuum. The impact of issues such as life stage, social class, and cultural background will be examined. Policy issues include savings, consumer protection, tax credits, public benefits, and innovative programs; practice issues include financial assessment and goal setting, financial coaching, and integrating financial interventions with traditional psychosocial interventions. Topics over the duration of the course include such diverse areas as social justice theories and ethical dilemmas; key public policies; financial and consumer finance systems; financial social work approaches and interventions serving individuals, families, and groups; types of financial stressors; the impact of race, gender, and culture on wealth creation; special needs of emergency and transitional populations; innovative programs to increase access to assets for vulnerable populations; and community asset ownership. Assigned readings are substantive and thought-provoking, and assignments are designed to foster financial self-awareness and underscore the role that financial stability plays in social work practice across diverse vulnerable populations.

Field Education

There are several Clinical and Macro field placement opportunities for students with varying compensation that incorporate financial social work. Information can be found by visiting.

Continuing Professional Education Offerings

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Financial Social Work Certificate Program

The FSW Certificate Program is offered periodically, beginning in the early spring. In years it will be offered, information is posted here in the late fall for the following year’s monthly sessions. To learn about the course content, dates, CEUs, cost, and application process at any time, please contact Dr. Christine Callahan at or 410-706-7051.

FSWI congratulates a cohort of participants of the Financial Social Work Certificate Program!

Other Educational Information

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) has produced an Economic Well-Being Curricular Guide that offers educators, researchers, students, and practitioners guidance on the centrality of economic well-being to social work practice.


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