Drs. James Kunz (McDaniel College) and Christine Callahan (UMB) presented a poster on "Psychosocial Well-Being and Financial Capability" at the 2015 AFCPE Annual Research & Training Symposium, held November 18-20, in Jacksonville, FL. View the abstract: Psychosocial Well-Being and Financial Capability. View the poster presented at the conference.

Council on Social Work Education Annual Meeting, October 15-18, 2015, Denver, CO
Oral Presentation: "Health Expenses, Assets and Social Work" was presented by Sally A. Hageman, MSW, UM SSW Doctoral Student.

Associate Professor Jodi Jacobson Frey presented at the 6th Annual Maryland Workplace Health and Wellness Symposium on Friday, June 5, 2015. She presented as part of the "Engaging the Unengaged Employee" panel. Her talk focused on ways employers can support employees to reduce financial stress and improve overall well-being by supporting financial capability and empowerment. Over 500 workplace leaders attended the conference.

May 19th CFS Webinar - Presentation and Discussion of New Book "It's Not Like I'm Poor"
Researcher and co-author of the book, Sarah Halpern-Meekin, presented on the research from the book and discussants, Robin McKinney Director of Maryland CASH Campaign and Julian Huerta Deputy Executive Director at Foundation Communities, discussed from a policy and practice perspective. For more information on the book visit: http://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520275355

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Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care Network (SWHPN) General Assembly, February 23-24, 2015, Philadelphia, PA
FSWI steering committee member and UMB assistant professor Dr. John Cagle had an abstract accepted for the Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care Network (SWHPN) general assembly. Dr. Cagle and his team (including doctoral students Sally Hageman, Seokho Hong, and Joonyup Lee) along with UM SSW/FSWI research assistant professor Dr. Christine Callahan presented a symposium entitled "Minimizing Financial Burden on Families at the End of Life:  Evidence from Four Sources." 

A Convening on Financial Capability and Asset Building: Advancing Education, Research and Practice in Social Work
April 15-17, 2015 - St. Louis, MO
Organized by the Financial Capability and Asset Building (FCAB) Initiative at the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St Louis, and the Financial Social Work Initiative at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, the aims of the convening were twofold: 1) to advance FCAB in social work education, practice and research; and 2) to strengthen networks of FCAB scholars, educators, professional associations, and funders. 

Financial Education as an Intervention to Change Social Workers' Practice Behaviors in Financial Capability Practice presentation by Jodi Jacobson Frey, PhD, Christine Callahan, PhD, Sally Hageman, MSW, Karen Hopkins, PhD, and Philip Osteen, PhD.

FCAB in the Curricula: Student Perceptions Presentation presentation by Vernon Loke, PhD, Julie Birkenmaier, PhD, and Sally Hageman, MSW.

Abstracts Presented at the Convening

Building the Financial Social Work Initiative at the School
Dr. Jodi Frey, Associate Professor and Chair of the Financial Social Work Initiative
Sabbatical Research Talk, February 12, 2015, University of Maryland School of Social Work

Society for Social Work Research Conference, January 14-18, 2015, New Orleans, LA
UM SSW co-led a Special Interest Group on "Asset Building and Financial Capability." 
Several members of the Financial Social Work Initiative presented papers at SSWR. They included the following:

Paper: "Evaluating Client Outcomes from the Financial Stability Pathway: A Community Intervention Study to Improve the Financial Capability of Individuals Living Within a Large City," presenters were Drs. Jodi Frey, Karen Hopkins, Philip Osteen, and Christine Callahan.

Paper: "Matched College Savings Account Programs for Children: Examining the Feasibility in Baltimore City," presenters were Drs. Jodi Frey and Christine Callahan.

Paper: "Financial Education as an Intervention to Change Social Workers' Practice Behaviors in Financial Capability Practice," lead presenters were our colleagues Drs. Julie Birkenmaier (St. Louis University) and Margaret Sherraden (Washington University at St. Louis), joined by Drs. Jodi Frey and Christine Callahan.

Paper: "Development of an Intervention to Minimize Financial Burden at the End of Life: Results from Four Data Sources," presenters were Drs. John Cagle and Christine Callahan, and doctoral students Sally Hageman, Seokho Hong, and Joonyup Lee.

Poster: "Financial Burden Among Older Adults: A Preliminary Look at the Impact of Gender and Widowhood Using National Data," lead was doctoral student Joonyup Lee, joined by Dr. John Cagle and doctural students Sally Hageman and Seokho Hong, and Dr. Christine Callahan.

SSWR 2015 Papers and Poster Abstracts


Evaluation of a Continuing Education Training on Client Financial CapabilitySocial Work Education (Vol. 51, Issue 3) by Jodi Jacobson Frey, Deborah Svoboda, Rebecca L. Sander, Philip J. Osteen, Christine Callahan & Audrey Elkinson.

Social Work Grand Challenge Initiative "Financial Capability and Asset Building for All" American Academy for Social Work and Social Welfare, 2015.



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