Social Work Career Symposium at Carleton College

October 28, 2017, in Northfield, Minnesota 
FSWI Co-Founders and Steering Committee members Robin McKinney and Meg Woodside were invited to be part of a day-long symposium on social work careers for interested undergraduate students at Carleton.  The day’s presentations included Social Work + Social Justice and Public Policy Careers (featuring Robin McKinney) and Financial Social Work + Economic Justice Careers (featuring Robin McKinney and Meg Woodside).  These two videos illustrate the need for trained financial social workers and the breadth of clinical and macro professional opportunities in the growing field of financial social work.

The Financial Social Work Initiative participated in both a poster and a faculty development institute (FDI) at the APM national conference in Dallas, October 19-22.  The titles of the accepted submissions were as followed:

Resources for Promoting Economic Well-Being in the Social Work Curricula (poster); co-authors:  Drs. Julie Birkenmaier, Erin Bascug, Christine Callahan, Lisa McGuire, and Louise Simmons.

Meeting the Grand Challenge: Implementation of Financial Capability within Social Work Education (faculty development institute); presenters:  Drs. Thomas E. Smith, Kristin V. Richards, Christine Callahan, Joanna K. Doran, and Sally A. Hageman (UMSSW PhD candidate).

Drs. Jodi Frey, Christine Callahan, and Rachel Imboden, MSW, a PhD student at UMSSW, presented a poster on their research project entitled "Workplace Financial Education and Job Coaching for Low-Wage Hospital Employees” at the annual conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) in New Orleans, LA, in January.

‌This poster showed findings stemming from the research project awarded to FSWI by a sub-contract from the Job Opportunities Task Force and Baltimore CASH Campaign to support evaluation of a new project funded by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This project is testing the feasibility and evaluating outcomes of a new program integrating financial education into existing job coaching programs throughout Baltimore City hospital systems. The financial workshops and ongoing support are based on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Money Smart curriculum, a widely popular financial education program.

(l to r: Christine Callahan and Rachel Imboden)

FSWI steering committee members Sally Hageman, MSW, PhD candidate at UMSSW, and John Cagle, PhD, assistant professor at UMSSW, presented a poster at the SSWR 2017 annual conference in January entitled "Social Work Perspectives on Financial Challenges of Patients with Serious Medical Illness."  Ms. Hageman also presented a poster entitled "Building Financial Capability in the Social Work Profession: Faculty Perspectives" with colleagues Dr. Margaret Sherraden, Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Dr. Julie Birkenmaier, Professor, Saint Louis University; and Dr. Vernon Loke, Assistant Professor, Eastern Washington University.


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