Online Readiness Quiz

Are you ready to take online coursework?  This quiz will only take a few minutes to complete. After you have responded to all questions, calculate your total score using the answer key below.


1. You want to take an online course because:

A. You have taken an online class before and enjoyed the experience.
B. You are curious about online classes and like the one that is offered.
C. You don’t feel like coming to campus.


2. What do you feel about face-to-face versus online communication?

A. You are comfortable with most online communication including email, discussion forum, social media, and feel OK without face-to-face interaction.
B. You like face-to-face communication, but you have used online communication and social media a lot.
C. Face-to-face communication is a must to you and you don't feel you can study without face-to-face meetings with the instructor and other students.


3. What is your level of technology competence?

A. Very good. You have and use more than one e-mail account, and know how to manage e-mail attachment safely. You use more than one Web browser to surf the Web. You can use basic office applications such as word processing. You can deal with minor technology issues and don't get frustrated easily.
B. Average. You can use e-mail, Web browsers and word-processing software. You don't feel comfortable solving technology problems on your own.
C. Very basic. You have used e-mail, Web browsers and word-processing software, but you get frustrated when things don't work the way they should.


4. Do you have a computer (not tablet or iPad) that you can use when you need it?

A. Yes, you have a fairly new computer at home, with anti-virus and security features enabled and have access to it at any time.
B. Yes, you have a computer in your work place to use. It has security features enabled, but you need permissions from your IT department to install any additional software on it.
C. You don't have access to a standard computer, PC or Mac, at home or in the work place. You usually use the computer lab or computer in the local library.


5. When you need help in class:

A. You feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help.
B. You hesitate to ask questions, but will ask for help if you need it.
C. You usually feel intimidated asking questions or asking for help.


6. How do you describe your personal learning style?
A. You are a self-motivated learner.
B. You are a somewhat motivated learner who needs encouragement sometimes.
C. You are not a self-motivated learner and always need someone to motivate you to do tasks.


7. How do you manage your study time?
A. Very effectively
B. Somewhat effectively
C. Not effectively


8. How many hours are you willing to spend on a 3-credit online course?

A. 9 or more hours per week
B. 5-8 hours per week
C. 2-4 hours per week


9. What kind of Internet access do you have?
A. You have a high-speed (broadband) Internet connection.
B. You will be using a dial-up modem to connect to the Internet.
C. You do not have access to the Internet.


10. Have you used a learning management system like Blackboard?
A. Yes, you have used Blackboard before.
B. You have never used Blackboard before, but have used another learning management system, (like Canvas, for example).
C. You have never heard of it, and have never used any other learning management system.

Answer Key

Each A answer is 3 points, B is 2 points and C is 1 point

25-30 points

Based on your responses, you are expected to do well in online learning. You have a very good set of learning skills, needed equipment, and personal qualities that can help you succeed in online learning.


16-24 points

Your responses indicate that you will probably do well in online learning. You may need to adjust your schedule and play with some common digital technology tools to feel more comfortable before you take online classes.


10-15 points

Your responses indicate that online learning may not be the best fit and match for you right now. Getting comfortable with common digital technologies and adjusting your schedule are two great steps you can take that will help you in the future.


*Questions and feedback are adapted from DSU.

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