Online MSW Program

Welcome to Our 3-Year, Clinically-Focused Online MSW Program!

Thank you for considering our Online MSW Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore. Our 60-credit 3-year program is designed for individuals committed to making a difference in the field of clinical social work.

Program Highlights:

  • Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education
  • Flexible and convenient online format
  • Emphasis on clinical concentration

For any inquiries about the program, reach out to our Online MSW Program Director, Nakiya Schurman, at

Who Should Apply

If you're deeply committed to the clinical social work field and value the convenience of online learning, our 3-year Online MSW program is designed with you in mind. We encourage applications from individuals like yourself who demonstrate a strong dedication to making a positive impact. Additionally, preference is given specifically to candidates who are currently working in the field of social work and are eager to expand their skill base.

The admissions criteria is the same for students applying to take classes at the USG and Baltimore campuses, however, there is a separate application specifically for the online program that includes an additional personal statement.  While our admissions deadline has passed for the Fall 2024 academic year, you can still access information about eligibility criteria and application instructions in our 2024 Admissions Information and Guide, as well as our Admissions home page.

If you live outside of Maryland, or instead want a 2-year program, a Spring-start, the Leadership, Policy, and Social Change concentration, or the 36-credit Advanced Standing program (if you have a BSW), you will need to apply to one of our on-campus hybrid programs in either Baltimore or Rockville, Maryland. 


The Curriculum

The 60-credit curriculum is divided into two halves: the Foundation curriculum and advanced clinical curriculum.  In the Foundation coursework, you'll delve into the breadth of social work practice, gaining exposure to clinical and macro work, social work policies, research, and theories of human behavior.

Required Foundation Coursework:

  • SOWK 610 – Structural Oppression and Its Implications for Social Work Practice (3)
  • SOWK 600 – Social Welfare and Social Policy (3)
  • SOWK 645 – Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)
  • SOWK 670 - Social Work Research (3)
  • SOWK 630 – Social Work Practice with Individuals (3)
  • SOWK 631 – Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations (3)
  • SOWK 635 – Foundation Field Practicum I (2.5) and SOWK 636 – Foundation Field Practicum II (2.5)
  • SOWK 637 - Foundation Field Seminar Part I (.5) and SOWK 638 - Foundation Field Seminar Part II (.5)
  • SOWK 632 – Social Work Practice with Groups and Families (3)

The latter half of the program, dedicated to advanced clinical coursework, is where you'll hone specific interventions for a well-rounded skill set.  This clinical focus ensures that you're prepared for impactful careers, including direct services, case management, and therapeutic interventions with individuals, groups, and families.

Required Advanced Coursework:

  • SWCL 700 – Advanced Clinical Interventions (3)
  • SOWK 708 - Integrated Behavioral Health Policy (3)
  • SWCL 744 – Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention Planning (3)
  • SWCL 794 – Advanced Field Practicum I (6) and SWCL 795 – Advanced Field Practicum II (6)
  • SWCL 703 - Family Therapy (3)
  • SWCL 705 - Clinical Social Work with Addictive Behavior Patterns (3)
  • SWCL 722 - Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (3)
  • SWCL 773 - Adult Trauma and Clinical Social Work Practice (3)
Program Structure

The majority of our program is synchronous, providing you with real-time interaction and engagement. Scheduled between 6-9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, our synchronous courses offer a structured learning environment, that foster active participation, discussions, and a sense of community within your cohort. On the other hand, our asynchronous courses offer flexibility with no mandatory face-to-face components. You'll have the freedom to manage your coursework based on your schedule, with weekly readings and assignments.

The Fall and Spring semesters span 15 weeks, providing ample time for in-depth exploration and mastery of course content. The asynchronous Summer semester, condensed to 8 weeks, offers an intensive yet focused learning experience. 

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Field Education

In the Fall and Spring semesters of your second and third years, you'll engage in a field practicum alongside coursework. These practicums serve as a practical link between classroom learning and real-world social work settings, allowing you to apply acquired skills effectively. Our dedicated Field Education office collaborates closely with each student, ensuring a personalized and engaging practicum experience, with placements thoughtfully selected within or near your geographic area.

The first practicum, known as the Foundation practicum, is a generalist field placement. In this setting, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of social work practice, experiencing its breadth.

Your second practicum, the advanced clinical field practicum, offers a specialized clinical social work experience. Clinical field placements include diverse settings such as hospitals, crisis centers, schools, college counseling centers, and addiction treatment centers.

For those employed in social work, there's an opportunity to explore potential approval for an employment-based field placement, providing a seamless integration of work and learning.

The field practicum process, experience and expectations for students in the OMSW program are the same as for students in the traditional, in person program.  The Office of Field Education cannot offer any students fully online practicum experiences or practicums that take place exclusively during evening and weekend hours. Students in the OMSW should plan for in person availability on at least two weekdays during business hours for both Foundation and Advanced Field practicums, unless engaged in employment-based placements.


For the 2023-2024 Academic Year, tuition is currently $676 per credit hour for Maryland residents, not including the additional cost of fees.  We recommend all students to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

How will I engage with our students in the online program?

An important component of our Online program is its structured nature with specific coursework, ensuring you progress with your cohort from start to finish. This intentional design fosters a supportive learning community, allowing you to build lasting connections with your peers as you navigate this transformative journey in clinical social work.

Additionally, many of our on-campus student organizations hold meetings virtually, allowing you to connect with not just your fellow online program students, but also those across programs and even schools.

What students services are available to me in the Online Program?

Many of the services offered by the University of Maryland Baltimore have virtual options, including, but not limited to, the Counseling Center, the HSHSL Library, the Educational Support and Disability Service Office, the Writing Center and the Wellness Center.

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