Climate & Other Surveys

The SSW has been conducting in-depth annual climate surveys since 2018 and cover a range of topics: from experiences with diversity and inclusion and perceptions of sexual violence to basic needs security to actions and attitudes related to diversity.

The 2018 results were presented to the School via a presentation to the student body in February 2019 and will be again at an open forum in late Spring 2019.  A climate survey for 2019 has been reissued recently to current students.

A broad range of other surveys and meetings, used to garner insights into the student, faculty and staff experiences on campus are also conducted throughout the year.

All School Training Offerings

April 15, 2019 Safe Space Training

March 29, 2019, the DAO Committee offfered the SSW Community a day of learning focused on focusing on understanding and combating implicit bias.

March 13, 2019, Title VII Process and Procedure Review by University Officials at all-faculty meeting.

March 12, 2019, Safe Space Training

June 2018, Senior SSW Leadership Service Excellence Training on "Making People Feel Valued and Heard."

Inclusive Spaces

The DAO has worked consistently to provide safe spaces, including “Chat Chews”, for UMSSW community members to express their feelings about current events and foster a stronger sense of community and inclusion in the School. For instance, the group played a vital role in creating spaces for dialogue and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment during the difficult period following the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

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