To create an inclusive and supportive community to promote disability justice at the University of Maryland School of Social Work and in the community at large. In doing so we strive to engage individuals with disabilities and their allies in respectful and compassionate discourse to promote greater awareness and inclusion of disability on campus. We aim to advance disability justice by raising awareness on the diversity of disability, along with the various cultural and systemic barriers faced by persons with disabilities. Through education and advocacy we aim to break down these structural barriers to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities within the School of Social Work, the social work profession, and the community as a whole.

While we use the word “disability” in our group’s materials to align with the greater disability rights movement, we recognize that the word disability may not align with every individual’s experience. In an effort to foster a respectful and inclusive environment, we welcome and encourage students to self-identify and use language that reflects and honors their own experience.

Faculty Advisor: , Gail Betz

Email Contact: dream@ssw.umaryland.edu

Dream Constitution

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