Student Support & Counseling

The School is committed to helping students manage the difficulties that may come up during your time in graduate school. We help in identifying and assessing issues that get in the way of student’s academic performance, provide short-term solution-focused consultations and referrals as requested or indicated.

How does OSS define counseling?

Extra support

Identify issues effecting school performance such as:

Personal issues or crises
Academic struggles
Conflict with peers or faculty
Feeling overwhelmed/ Stressed
Feeling ambivalent about your course of study or career issues
Help with study skill assessment

Explore options

Help student to create a plan of action

Provide referrals to counseling center as indicated

OSS counseling is NOT

Personal counseling through the OSS is not meant to substitute for therapy.  Referrals for therapy will be provided as desired by students or indicated by individual situations.

UMB Counseling Center

Our office does not share the same confidentiality privilege as the counseling center.  There may be instances when the Assistant Dean of OSS is required to share student information (within FERPA guidelines), thus confidentiality should not be assumed. 

Academic Advising
We are fortunate enough to have a full time academic advisor on our staff that is intimately knowledgeable about the curriculum.  Please contact the advisor directly for additional information:

Schedule an appointment with OSS

Henriette Taylor, Room 2E36

Support Resources Available

The OSS is available to assist with many aspects of student life.  Additionally, there are many specialty resources on campus that are available at no additional cost to the student. 

Writing Center

Counseling Center

Wellness Hub

Office of Educational Support and Disability Services

Tutoring  --  If you are having academic difficulty with a class, the OSS can help to arrange for a peer tutor.  If this is something that you would like to pursue, you will need to fill out the following form and contact Ms. Theresa Washington.

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